The name Cher is synonymous with sensational shows, super stardom and glamorous, over-the-top style. With the help of designer Bob Mackie, Cher has graced the stage in one-of-a-kind outfits that are as much a part of her identity as her songs. '70s Cher doll appears in a re-creation of one of Mackie's unforgettable 1970's designs created exclusively for Cher. The extravagant Native American-inspired look comes alive with an amazing, oversized "feather" headdress, plus matching halter and skirt. Bold and edgy, this doll is the personification of Cher's signature stage chic.

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Label[edit | edit source]

Black Label

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Collection[edit | edit source]

Bob Mackie

Designer[edit | edit source]

Bill Greening

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