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This wiki presents a catalog of all Barbie® dolls that use the ModelMuse™ body. This site is not affiliated with Mattel.

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1. Registration is no longer necessary! Jump in and share your photos and comments. (If you do want to create an account, know that it can be used across all wikia sites.)

2. Share photos of dolls you have redressed or restyled at the bottom of each doll page. See Amazonia for an example.

3. Create a gallery with as many photos as you want. Please limit these to dolls with Model Muse bodies (head swaps are welcome). Here is a handy tool to upload multiple photos at once.

Thanks for participating! Leave a message on my wall if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Tiny Wishes Barbie was found not to have the Model Muse body and was removed. (Credit: L'ubo)

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